Mar 22, 2009

Firefox Vimperator

如果你是vim fans, 如果你想扔掉鼠标高效上网,不妨试试 Vimperator

如何使用 vimperator 更好的折腾 firefox 给出了很多有用链接


1. Google search
        t+要搜索的内容  在新标签中打开Google搜索内容
        t+url                   在新标签中打开url
2. 书签
        M+字幕   定义快捷书签
        go+字幕  转到已定义的快捷书签
        ctrl+D   存到美味书签
        ctrl+K   打开美味书签主页访问
3. 恢复以前的样子
        :set go+=mT             <=> :set guioptions=mT
        :mkv    保存设置
        gt or ctrl-n    : 下一个标签
        gT or ctrl-p    : 前一个标签
        gh                              : 访问Home page
        gH                              : 在新标签中访问Home page
        gu                              : go up.比如,把你从 带到
        H                               : go to the previous page in your browser history.
        L                               : go to the next page in your browser history.
5. commands
    :o    : open
    :o search term                    : use the default search engine to search for a search term.
    :o filename                        : open a local file using firefox
    :q                                : close the current tab. if only one tab is open, exit firefox.
    :zi                                : zoom in. Increases text size by 25% on the page that has focus.
    :qI                                : zoom in by 100% on the page that has focus.
    :zo                                : zoom out.Decreases text size by 25% on the page that has focus.
    :zO                                : zoom out by 100% on the page that has focus.
    :zz                                : used alone zz will reset page to 100%. use witha a count, it will set the text size to any value between 25% and 500%. So, 105zz will set the text size to 105% of normal.
6. links
        f 进入hints mode,所以链接都被高亮显示而且前面有标示,输入相应的标示键就可以到那个链接了.
    ??    ;; 进入ExtendedHint mode,和hints mode 类似,输入标示键,然后可用使用'y'复制url,'Y'复制url的描述文本.
7. history
    :history                : 默认显示10个历史浏览记录
    :history search term    : 搜索浏览历史
    ESC                        : 关闭显示
8. searching
    /search term
    ?search term            : like vim
9. quitting
    :qall or ZQ                : will exit firefox and clear the session history.
    ZZ                        : quit firefox, but restart it later with the same session.
    :restart                : restart firefox immediately.
10. refresh
    r                        : like <F5>, refresh page
11. copy && paste
    When I want to copy some text, I usually start by searching with '/' the
    beginning of it, then I press 'i' to go in CARET mode, 'v' to go in
    VISUAL mode. Then I can select my text. When I'm done, I type y to copy
    it, and I paste it wherever I want to.

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